"I worked in advertising for decades...copywriter, creative director, founder of my own agency, corporate consultant to major companies. I took pride in positioning and marketing dozens of products across every form of media from online to TV. And yet, after having published seven novels ...all by divisions of the big five... self-publishing two novels and four out-of-print novels...I couldn't apply any of those skills to writing a blurb I was satisfied with.

Jessie Cunniffe's system for book blurbs unlocks the path to a great blurb for your book product page and back cover. Don’t even THINK about hesitating. For the price...it is the SINGLE best investment you’ll make as a self-publishing/indie author.

Book Blurb Magic is as close to foolproof as it gets."

~ John Clarkson (Multi-Published Author of the James Beck series)

Attention: Self-Publishing Authors!

What if you could learn to write highly marketable book blurbs...every time?

What if you knew exactly how to capture your book in 100-200 tantalising words that draw readers in and makes them NEED to buy your book?

A complete system for self-publishing authors, copywriters and freelancers to write book blurbs that sell!
BOOK BLURB MAGIC is your solution to creating eye-catching book descriptions that hook readers in and convert your clicks to sales in seconds flat!

Tried-and-tested formulas for bestselling book blurbs.

(Value = Priceless!)

Bite-sized video lessons explaining key blurb-writing techniques.

(Value = $97)

Targeted exercises to help you formulate your blurb in real-time.

(Value = $65)

Downloadable cheat sheets and PDF templates to guide you through planning, writing and formatting your blurb.

(Value = $35)

BONUS #1: Book Blurb Blunders cheat sheet - avoid the top 3 mistakes all blurb-writers make!

(Value = $25 )

BONUS #2: Amazon KDP Coding Masterclass - non-techy instructions for flawless formatting, every time.

(Value = $27)

BONUS #3: Book blurb analysis masterclass for writing finesse.

(Value = $47)

Total Value $296USD

"With your course, I re-wrote some blurbs for a few little erotica shorts I'd had sitting around for a few years not doing anything. Wow! I'm getting reads and sales every day & I'm a little bit proud of the blurbs I've written." ~ Penny Kane

Penny Kane
BBM Student
Check out Penny's success below!
Let me guess...

You've written your first (or third...or tenth!) book and you're all ready to upload to Amazon KDP.

 But there's that dreaded, blank "Description" box staring back at you before you can get on with publishing your masterpiece.
Can I ask you a question?
Are you:

Struggling to capture your story in 200 words or less?

Unsure how to optimise your Amazon KDP description for sales?

Sick of hiring blurb writers who keep missing the mark?

 Overwhelmed by the idea of trying to explain a story you've been immersed in for months or even YEARS?

I hear you!

Writing book blurbs SUCKS...if you haven't got a method.

IMAGINE what it would be like to:

Effortlessly create scintillating book descriptions to send to publishers and bookstores.

Save the $50+ per book that you'd normally need for a professional blurb-writer.

Be confident formatting your blurb professionally for Amazon KDP and other online outlets.

Know you're attracting your ideal readers first time, every time, with just a few strategic sentences!

Master a repeatable process to craft fiction and non-fiction book descriptions for every piece of writing you ever publish.

Represent your book authentically and masterfully...as only you, the author, can!

There is a way...

to summarise your book quickly and painlessly.

There is a way...

to know exactly what information to include, no matter the genre, every time.

There is a way...

to make your books stand out in an overcrowded bookshelf or digital marketplace.

After working with hundreds of authors to write book blurbs that captured their artistic essence and messaging

I realised there were just a few easy-to-fix mistakes almost all authors make when attempting to write their own book blurb.

So I developed a streamlined, SIMPLE method that reveals the hidden formulas used by bestselling book blurbs of every genre!

Now, not only could I write book blurbs waaaaay faster than before (usually in under 30 minutes!), I could easily explain to other writers exactly what their blurbs should include.

Inside BOOK BLURB MAGIC you'll find bite-sized video lessons, simple exercises and crystal-clear formulas to follow so that you can craft the perfect book blurb...every time.

Here's What You Get...
I've packed this course with everything you need to start writing professional, salesworthy book blurbs in hours.

If I were to do this for you, it would cost upwards of $200USD per book.

But I know most self-publishing authors don't have a large budget to blow when it comes to editing, marketing and publishing their work; especially if they're writing several books a year!

That's why I offer BOOK BLURB MAGIC at a super low price that's accessible to authors of all levels of experience and proficiency.

The complete value of everything you'll get inside BOOK BLURB MAGIC is $296USD, but today you'll only invest...

High quality book blurbs are the fastest and easiest way to give your book the edge in a super competitive market.


You only have to look as far as the latest, most successful authors to see they all have one thing in common...

Their books have compelling, high-quality blurbs that hook readers in and keep their books flying off the shelves.

BOOK BLURB MAGIC shows you how.

Hey! I'm Jessie

Creator of BOOK BLURB MAGIC, experienced arts journalist, copywriter, and your personal book blurb coach!

Some time ago, I decided to start a side hustle and sell my services as a book blurb writer. I only wanted to make some pocket money, but to my amazement, business was booming!

Flooded by requests from authors who were filled with anxiety at the very idea of writing their own book description, I began to wonder how I could help them even more…after all, there’s only one of me, and many 1000’s of book blurbs needing to be written every single day!

The way I see it, authors are super qualified to be their own blurb writers. They just very often don’t know where to start.

For the first time ever, I've distilled my years of writing experience into an easy-to-use system for any author to whip up a sales-worthy blurb in a jiffy! I sincerely hope you love it and get many, many uses from this invaluable toolkit.

Happy writing! Jessie x

Book Blurb Magic
is right for you if...

You're tired of sending your story to blurb writers who keep missing the mark.

You keep wondering whether YOU would be able to represent your story more authentically than anybody else.

You have confidence in your writing skills and know you can master this blurb thing, if you just have the right guidance.

You're ready to roll up your sleeves and invest a few hours in learning a new skill.

The thought of crafting your very own eye-catching hooks and tantalising book descriptions fills you with genuine excitement!

This course is NOT for:

Authors who aren't interested in learning a new skill and wish their blurbs would write themselves already (no judgement here!).

Writers who don't want to commit to a few hours of study and practice in the name of blurb-writing independence.

Authors hoping for a super-complicated fancy copywriting method (actual sales writing is simple, I promise).

Writers hoping that crafting a blurb will help them refine their unfinished plot (this needs to be done first, sorry!).


How long will it take me to complete the course? This is completely up to you! You can stretch it over a week or two, or fly through the essentials in a couple of hours if you need to hit "publish" ASAP!

Are there refunds? Yes! If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase, I will buy it back from you within 30 days - no questions asked.

Where do I go if I have any issues accessing my purchase? Shoot me an email at jessie@bookblurbmagic.com and I'll reply to you personally with a solution!

What if my book isn't finished yet? The BBM method is designed for authors to use once their book is complete, as you must have a clear understanding of the plot/content before creating your blurb. However, going through the course materials now will mean you're super prepared to write a blurb the instant you've penned "The End"!

Does BBM work for every single book? Yes! Inside the course you'll find that most of the material is split into fiction and non-fiction for ease of use, depending on what kind of book you are publishing. Of course, within those two categories there's still plenty of scope for variety, but the key elements of any good book blurb remains the same! The only exception is children's books, which are addressed below.

What about children's books? While the BBM formula is perfect for YA novels or chapter books, children's picture book blurbs are not addressed specifically in the course at this time (I'm working on it!). However, the techniques, structures, formatting and skills you will learn in BBM will help you to craft a better blurb in any style, so some children's authors may still find it helpful to work through the material.

I want you to write my blurb for me - are you available? Yes! I provide a professional 1:1 blurb-writing service here.

BBM is NOT a quick-fix or a "write blurbs in 5 minutes" course - as with anything, it takes time and effort to learn a new skill.

What I CAN promise you is this is the fastest and easiest way to
learn :)
Get immediate access to everything you need to start writing bestselling book blurbs today!

Tried-and-tested formulas for bestselling book blurbs.

(Value = Priceless!) 

  Bite-sized video lessons explaining key blurb-writing techniques.

(Value = $97)

Targeted exercises to help you formulate your blurb in real-time.

(Value = $65)

Downloadable cheat sheets and PDF templates to guide you through planning, writing and formatting your blurb.

(Value = $35)

BONUS #1: Book Blurb Blunders cheat sheet - avoid the top 3 mistakes all blurb-writers make!

(Value = $25 )

BONUS #2: Amazon KDP Coding Masterclass - non-techy instructions for flawless formatting, every time.

(Value = $27)

BONUS #3: Book blurb analysis masterclass for writing finesse.

(Value = $47)

Total Value $296USD

Ready to start writing book blurbs that attract your dream readership and represent your book professionally, creatively and authentically?

Click the button above to get started and I'll see you inside BOOK BLURB MAGIC!

Jessie xo
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As a business owner myself, I always feel a bit nervous when I buy something online - especially from someone I've never met!

So, I want to put your mind at ease. I want you to feel confident investing in Book Blurb Magic, so I'm giving you 30 days to learn and implement everything within the program, and feel at ease knowing that if you're not 100% satisfied, I will happily buy the program back from you. 

 While I can't guarantee that you'll match this one-time investment with book sales in under a week, I am super confident that you'll have everything you need to write high quality, professional book blurbs that stand out in the overcrowded book market time and again.

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